About the product

Description of The Flying Carpet 2

The school's IT-administrator
Adds the teatchers

Upon ordering, we will send an email to the school's IT-administrator who, in turn, adds the teachers concerned. The software is platform-independent and you can mix iPads, Androids, Mac, Chromebooks and Windows computers. Proposedly, you use the appversion on surfboards and the web version for Mac, PC, or Chromebooks. The program can also be easily distributed to devices through Apple VPP and other management programs.

The teachers
Adds the classes and students

All the teachers who are added will receive an email with login information to the admin page for teachers. The teacher can then enter his class and enter his students. The student's username and password are created and can be printed. The teacher can follow the students' results, passwords, how and on which tasks they managed and if they had any difficulties. Students and classes can be removed and added whenever you want

The students

Students can log in with their name and password on any tablet or computer. When the session is over, you quit the game and the result is saved automatically. Next time, they will continue from the saved mode.

Difference between the school version and the private version

The only difference between the school and the private version is that in the school version there is also a Manager where you as a teacher can follow the students' results, passwords and even set the difficulty levels. The software is based on the curriculum for grades 1 to 3.

Flying manager

In the Flying Manager, you follow the students' progress so you can see which types of tasks they need help with. You can also see the student's passwords, where they are, change the difficulty, etc. Flying Manager is only included in the school version.


The Flying Carpet was created upon many people's wishes to create a program similar to Cheops and the Chefren, but adapted to lower ages.


PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones Windows, iOS, Android.