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E-learning software from Alega Software and Qiiwi Interactive

The flying carpet 2

The successor to Sweden's best mathematical software is here! Practice: Everyday mathematics, addition, subtraction, multiplication, main counting, clock, date, length measurement, units, tricks, currency exchange, price calculations and math games. Everything collected in an exciting adventure. You will be challenged by an exciting and educational software, full of beautiful graphics. In the Flying Carpet 2 you travel around Egypt in search of your friend. The carpet will take you between the Nile, Cairo, the Desert, the Oasis, the Pyramids and the Sphinx. You meet different topics in mathematics. During your trip you face a variety of mixed math problems, games and cleverness. Filuren will appear occasionally and will help you when you encounter problems. By clicking Filuren in the menu you can also get tips and clues in text and numbers. Different difficulty levels: Suitable for children aged 1-5, but older children can also enjoy this adventure! There is a driving force in the program, a sigh that will make you want to move on. What will happen? Where is the flying carpet? Where is my lost mate?

Qiiwi Interactive

Qiiwi Interactive is a Swedish game developer and focuses primarily on skill games. Qiiwi's games are available for both mobile (iOS / Android) and desktop desktops (Facebook). The most famous titles are Backpacker, Words in a Pic and QuizMe.

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Alega Software

Alega Software is a branch of "Alega Skolmaterialer". Since the beginning of 1980, Alega has produced teaching materials in mathematics, data and science. In Alega Software, we focus on the development of our most used program Cheops Pyramid, Chef's Pyramid, The Flying Carpet and our booking and hall system for racketsports under the name of In 2016 we have also initiated cooperation with the company Qiiwi Interactive to produce exciting teaching tools for all platforms.

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